Cheese Shopping Walks & Tastings

I am an official City of Amsterdam Tour Guide and I host unique Cheese Shopping Walks in Amsterdam.

Saturday's - Public  Cheese Market Walks, tasting with Craft Beer or Dutch Wine.    2.5 hours, max 12 people.

Thursday's - Public    Cheese Shop Walks, tasting with  Dutch Wine. 3 hours, max 6 people.

Tue - Sun - Private  Cheese Shop & Market walks with either Craft Beer or Dutch Wine.    4 hours, max 6 people.

Wed -  Fri Cheese Shop Walk, tasting with alcohol free wine & other drinks.   4 hours, max 6 people.

Upcoming Public Walks availability

Sat 20th April + Wine 5 spots - Thur 25th + Wine 4 spots - Sat 4th May + Wine 6 spots - Sat 11th May + Wine 7 spots

Sat 18th May + Beer 6 spots - Sat 1st June + Wine 8 spots  BOOK HERE!

If no availability is shown for your preferred date, please contact me by email or WhatsApp.

Private Cheese Walks

My Private Cheese Shopping Walk and tasting takes about 4 hours. I take your private group for a walk around the City, point out the many cheese shops that tourists normally buy from, but also the very best cheese shops where we will buy 4 or 5 Serious Cheeses!

We then head to a local Craft Beer Brewery or Dutch Wine Shop or Bar to enjoy the cheeses with a Cheese talk with Craft Beer, Dutch Wine or Alcohol Free drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks etc). You'll learn why the cheeses all look, taste and smell different, how to spot the best ones at the shop, how to travel with, store and even how best to cut the different cheeses!

Duration: approx 4 hours

Group Size: Max 6

Wednesday - Saturday

Cost: With 4 Wines from €102.50 each

Plus 5% Booking Fee

For more info and booking, click below.

Duration: approx 4 hours

Group Size: Max 6

Tuesday to Sunday

Cost: With 4 Beers from €92.50 each

Plus 5% Booking Fee

For more info and booking, click below.

NEW! - Alcohol Free Option

Duration: approx 4 hours

Group Size: Max 6

Wednesday - Friday

Cost: With 4 AF Drinks from €102.50 each

Plus 5% Booking Fee

For more info and booking, email me here 

Public Cheese Walks

Join me on Saturdays twice a month when I take a public group around the best Cheese market in the City. We buy 4 different cheeses then enjoy them with either Craft Beer or Dutch Wine. If available dates don't match your trip, get in touch, I can often change them.

Duration: approx 2.5 hours

Group Size: Max 12 (10 with wine)

Cost: With 4 small beers €55.00 each

Or: With 2 Wines €65.00 each

Plus 5% Booking Fee

For more info and booking, click here.

Coming Soon.....

Private Cheese Shopping Walk followed by an educational tasting on a private Canal Boat Tour with wine, beer or alcohol free drinks.

If your preferred dates are ot showing as available, please contact me by email or WhatsApp, I can usually add availability to other dates.

Gift Vouchers

If you'd like to treat a friend or loved one to a Cheese Experience to remember, but you don't want to book the dates, you can order a voucher for any amount.

If you need help discussing how much to send, please email me.

What guests think....

Just a few of the reviews I've had from very happy customers!

Kris, USA

This was a tremendous cheese and wine tasting experience! I worked for a winery for five years and also in the cheese industry (Wisconsin, USA) and this was an outstanding presentation. Michael knows his cheeses and cheesemaking. It is worth it if you want more than the mass market cheese experience you can find all over the place. It was entertaining, educational, and overall one of the best tours I went on in my 8-day stay in Amsterdam.

Jennifer, USA

Michael is so fun and full of cheese knowledge. I highly recommend his tours. His passion really shines through and you can tell he loves interacting with people to share his passion.

Pat, Basel

Very knowledgeable. It would seem whichever country he is currently based in, what he doesn’t know about cheese is not really worth knowing.

Bethany, USA

If you want to find a tour that is different and memorable, book the Cheese and Beer Tour! I wanted something that appealed to both my daughter (23) and I. Although, I knew I loved cheese and my daughter loves breweries, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was exceptional! Micheal explained how to choose cheese and beer and how to pair it. The cheese shop he took us to was a shop locals would use and was amazing! The brewery was one my daughter loved. Together it was the perfect pairing! At the end of the tour, he made sure we made back to the Central Station so we could easily find our way back to the hotel! As side note, I am now huge cheese snob, and having been using my new knowledge to buy great cheese back in the states (well not quite as good as the ones we had in Amsterdam!) but I am trying!

Adrian, Zürich

We brought Mike in for an employee cheese and wine evening in Zurich. Knowledgeable and down to earth, his passion for cheese always comes across well to any audience and our staff really enjoyed themselves.

Jess, USA

We did a private wine and cheese experience with Michael which was so much fun even in the pouring rain. We got to go to an authentic cheese shop and learn all about making the perfect cheese board. Then we walked to this super cool wine shop that was in the basement of a bakery to try our cheese with some Dutch wine. The whole afternoon was so amazing and far exceeded our expectations. If you want a truly different experience, I strongly recommend booking one of his tours.

Ward, Netherlands

We had a cheese workshop from Michael with our family. It was great! Very informative, nice stories and of course a tasting of the best cheeses. I learned to spot good quality cheeses in shops, and which traits I like in cheese. Overall a great experience, would highly recommend!

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